Benefits of Adequate Pond Aeration

Whether property owners are looking to add fish to suburban garden ponds or they are maintaining larger water features on rural properties, they'll need to start thinking about ensuring adequate oxygen levels for fish and aquatic plants. This can be accomplished easily by installing pond aerators and fountains. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of purchasing these technologically-advanced products, or visit the website online to find out about different types of aerators that are available.

Reduce Pond MuckLiving Water Aeration

As ponds begin to age, nutrients from falling leaves and branches accumulate at the bottom, forming pond muck. Not only does this natural, but unpleasant, substance look and feel unpleasant, it can also cause disgusting odors and provide a habitat for leeches and other undesirable aquatic fauna. Adequate aeration increases the amount of oxygen that circulates through the pond, encouraging beneficial aerobic bacteria populations that can consume these nutrients to reduce pond muck.

Improve Water Quality

Nutrients from decaying matter can also become suspended in water in addition to accumulating on the bottom of ponds. Adequate aeration will also help to remove these excess nutrients from the water, leaving it looking clearer. Plus, reducing the level of nutrients will also lead to a reduction in both algae and weeds that require the nutrients for growth.

Reduce the Risk of Fish Kills

One or two fish dying at a time is usually nothing to worry about, but a full-scale fish kill can be an indicator that the pond is not receiving adequate aeration. Backyard ponds are particularly susceptible to fish die-offs during the winter, as the gases released during organic decomposition tend to become trapped beneath ice when the pond freezes, reducing oxygen levels available to fish and causing them to suffocate. Adding a pond fountain or aerator keeps a hole in the ice on the surface of a pond throughout the winter, offering better gas exchange rates.

Eliminate the Thermocline

The thermocline is the layer present in any body of water between the warm surface water and the deeper, cooler water beneath it. This layer can make it difficult for sufficient oxygen to get to the depths of the pond, making it hard for beneficial bacteria and fish to get the air they need to thrive. With proper aeration, the thermocline can be completely eliminated, causing warmer, oxygen-rich water to mix with the water at the bottom of the pond and ensuring consistent temperature and oxygenation throughout it.

Learn More Today

It's important to note that different types of ponds require different forms of aeration, which is why companies like Living Water Aeration offer a variety of specialized equipment that can help. Check out to learn more today.


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